Sustainability Report

Pattern Group Sustainability Report is addressed to the Group's stakeholders with the aim of highlighting the achieved actions in relation to the Group's sustainability objectives. 

The document represents non-financial declaration and is drawn up following the Legislative Decree 254/16, in compliance with the “Sustainability Reporting Standards” - in accordance Core - published by the GRI (Global Reporting Initiative). The GRI Standards are also accompanied by the GRI G4 guidelines. The GRI guidelines currently represent the most widespread and internationally recognized standard in the field of non-financial reporting. The document is drawn up taking into consideration the sustainability issues considered significant for the Group and for the Group's stakeholders. The Report communicates the information that best describes the Group's activities relating to the various years, in relation to environmental, social, employees, respect for human rights, actions against active and passive corruption indicated by Legislative Decree 254 / 2016. 

The information given regarding previous years is included for comparative purposes in order to allow an assessment of the dynamic performance of the Group. Pattern also applies Legislative Decree 231 from October 2021 and has a Supervisory Committee appointed to that effect.