Main Commitments

UN Global Compact

In September 2021, Pattern joined as a Participant in the UN Global Compact, the world's largest strategic corporate citizenship initiative, and signed a commitment to contribute to a new phase of globalisation characterised by sustainability, international cooperation and partnership in a multi-stakeholder perspective.       
With this in mind, membership of the UN Global Compact offers a series of training opportunities aimed on the one hand at implementing and describing environmental, social and governance policies and practices, and on the other hand at sharing best practices to develop strategies and concrete solutions to common challenges by providing management tools and resources focused on different environmental, social and governance issues compatible with the development goals identified by the United Nations.

Science Based Targets

Science-based targets (SBTs) are science-based objectives to drastically reduce greenhouse gas emissions in line with the level of decarbonisation required to keep the global temperature increase below 1.5°C, as described in the Fifth Assessment Report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) and the Paris Climate Agreement. Starting in 2020, Pattern has set a scope 1 and 2 emissions reduction target, validated by the Science Based Target Initiative, under which it commits to: 

  • Reduce absolute GHG emissions related to scopes 1 and 2 by 50% by 2030, adopting 2018 as the baseline
  • Measure and reduce its scope 3 emissions

The initiative, which Pattern has decided to join, has led to results that exceed the expectations of the commitments made as Pattern SpA has reduced its Scope 1 emissions by 20% and fully abated its Scope 2 emissions through the implementation of a photovoltaic plant, the procurement of electricity from 100% certified renewable sources and the construction of a geothermal plant at its Collegno headquarters. Now, following the inclusion of a number of new companies in the scope of responsibility, a further new target has been set for 2022, extended to the other companies belonging to the Group and thus beginning their decarbonization journey with the following objectives:

Scope 1 and 2Scope 1 - Absolute Contraction42% reduction by 2030 from 2022
 Scope 2 - Renewable Energy Procurement Requirements100% of purchased electricity from renewable sources by 2027
Scope 3Scope 3 - Absolute Contraction42% reduction by 2030 from 2022