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About us

Idee Partners, founded in 2008 and based in Scandicci (Florence, Italy) area, makes Product Development, Engineering and Production of luxury leather goods and shoes.

With a total of 240 people staff and 10.000 sm among the 3 sites, producing 250.000 units per year and developing more than 1.000 new projects per year, Idee Partners is one of the largest manufacturer and partner for the most renowned high-end brands in the world.

Innovation & Technology

Idee Partners believes in a business strategy focused on investments in R&D and the use of new technologies to stand at the forefront of the leather goods market.

Special attention is given to collaborator training, innovation and R&D, with a focus on the Production Development phase, the flagship of Idee Partners’ system.

Creativity and Pattern-making are integrated with the best and new technologies: an example is the use of CAD Pattern-making and the 3D Modelling Systems (CLO 3D) for Leather Goods, the most advanced design program to create and alter true-to-life 3D. 

Our Business
Leather Goods Development

Product Development is the flagship of Idee Partners’ system: starting from the raw material research, we can support the creative phases to the prototypes and samples.

All the development phases are managed by in-house highly specialized Pattern-making Department and Sample Rooms, adding additional external partners to provide, if needed, the requested capacity, thanks to the sharing of the same CAD pattern-making system.

Idee Partners can either integrate and assist designers coming directly from the customers or provide design as one of its services, and is able to generate a wide variety of concepts and ideas from the very first meetings with customers, shaping first product ideas and transforming them into physical/rendered products.

Key activities:

  • Research and Development
  • Product Development
  • Prototyping and Sampling
Leather Goods Production

Idee Partners’ Production business unit leads projects up to the delivery of production, by regulating the production process with a strong industrialization know-how. With 180 people among the 3 sites dedicated to production, Idee Partners is one of the largest independent with Internal Production.

Idee Partners can work both managing the purchase of raw materials on behalf of our clients and only providing the handcraft manufacture. Idee Partners delivers finished goods, taking care of quality control on final products before packaging and delivering to the customer distribution hub.

Key activities:

  • Industrialization and engineering of the products
  • Strong internal and direct production capacity
  • Full process, from raw materials buying to quality control and shipment
Shoes Department

Idee Partners Shoes Department is specialized in helping startups and well-established brands to create and plan new and innovative collections. The business is managed in-house, starting from the development phase, to manufacturing of prototypes and samples, pre-production overview of industrialization and engineering of the collection.

‍Key activities:

  • Managing collection timing and every step in development activity
  • Manufacturing of prototypes and grading patterns for sizes ordered
  • Managing and finalizing all structures components at the highest quality suppliers
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