The Tuscan Leather Goods Hub of the Pattern Group consolidates its position in the leather goods sector

July 01, 2023
Idee Partners increases its stake by the remaining 30% in RGB and 40% in Petri & Lombardi, reaching 100% of the share capital of both companies

The Group's Tuscan Leather Goods Hub is therefore officially consolidated: one of the main Independent Industrial Hubs in Tuscany, integrated in both the Prototyping and Production phases Made in Italy, through the presence of Idee Partners, which now in turn holds 100% of the share capital of the historic Tuscan leather goods Petri&Lombardi and of RGB.

This operation allows us to consolidate the production power of the hub, with a workforce of around 250 employees and a cutting-edge internal organization structured by production lines. By strategically combining a focus on product development with an impressive direct production capacity, the Leather Goods Hub strengthens its positioning as a reference player in the leather goods sector in Tuscany.