Knitwear factory Nuova Nicol joins Pattern Group giving birth to the knitwear valley in Emilia Romagna

December 22, 2022
Pattern Group invests once again in the luxury knitwear hub in Emilia Romagna and, through its subsidiary S.M.T., leader of the Emilia Romagna district of excellence, acquires the knitwear factory Nuova Nicol

Luca Sburlati, CEO of Pattern Group, together with Franco Martorella and Fulvio Botto, Founders and Majority Shareholders of Pattern: "We are thrilled to announce this transaction, which is meant to strengthen and optimize the hubs of excellence created during the first phase of Pattern Group's growth. Today, the Emilia district, with S.M.T. at the head, is further completed by becoming what we’ve called the Group's “Knitwear Valley", the Luxury Knitwear Design and Production Hub nestled between Reggio Emilia, Modena and Bologna”.

The "Knitwear Valley” is thus an area specialized in the design and production of luxury knitwear located between Reggio Emilia, Modena and Bologna, with S.M.T. (Società Manifattura Tessile) S.r.l. at the head - leader in the design and production of luxury knitwear led by CEO Stefano Casini - Zanni - a specialist in wholegarment knitwear processing - and Nuova Nicol - production of women's luxury knitwear.


Nuova Nicol S.r.l., an Emilian company founded in 1975 by Luisa Rinaldi and Valerio Nicoli, specialized in the production of women's luxury knitwear with a top luxury customer portfolio, places the utmost attention to the quality of yarns and fabrics, and boasts a large fleet of machinery that guarantees significant production output.

Luisa Rinaldi and Valerio Nicoli will remain fully included with key roles in the company's activities; the Investment Agreement, in fact, envisages the appointment of both as Managing Directors of Nuova Nicol S.r.l.